Yellow Giant: Helen Schell

Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne
10 September - 3 October 2015

In ‘Yellow Giant’ Helen Schell has worked with leading solar physicists to present a series of large and dramatic artworks exploring features of the Sun and of solar science.

Schell’s work is inspired by space exploration and science of the cosmos, often collaborating with scientists on her projects. The large paintings Total Eclipse, SUN (Rise) – Can You Fall Up?, and Yellow Giant employ optical illusions to express phenomena of space, planetary bodies and gravity, as well as directly referencing the Op Art movement of the twentieth century.

Sun Rocket – Helios Rocket 2 presents a stylised image of an imagined rocket to the Sun. Reminiscent of astrological and alchemical symbols as well as Tibetan mandalas, the painting moves between science and poetic allegory.

The exhibition also contains SUN-dress for the Yellow Giantess, a huge ball-gown made from high visibility fabrics that explores the interplay of reflective light and fluorescent colours. The collaborating scientists respond to Schell’s works in ‘Yellow Giant’ through the addition of interpretive materials as well as presentations during the run of the exhibition, exploring solar physics and bridging the disciplines of art and science in the process.

For further information about the venue and opening times please visit the Vane website

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