What Is Drawing? A Closer Look at Middlesbrough’s Collection

mima, Middlesborough
26 November 2015 – 20 December 2015

This exhibition rethinks what drawing can be and expands our understanding of the role it plays in Middlesbrough’s collection. The Cleveland International Drawing Biennial, which ran between 1973 and 1996, solidified unique connections between the town and the medium. Many of the works in the collection push the envelope of what the term ‘drawing’ might mean.

Drawing happens across all sectors of society. Every day, around the globe, it is employed by artists and professionals operating in numerous other realms; for example, it is a central component of design, engineering, architecture, science, computer programming, and mathematics.

This is an ‘open source’ show: the featured works were selected by participants in workshops that investigated different approaches towards drawing (pick up the label sheets to know more about the selection process). These include mini mima (0 – 4 year olds), the Wonder Whys (mima’s young people’s group), teachers, students, artists, writers, staff members, and visitors.

For more information about mima’s role in drawing? please visit their website here

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