Holy Biscuit
6 October – 26 November

A mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something.

Humans have always sought to leave their mark in time and have marked transitions between life and death. We are interested in both the temporary and permanent physical traces humans leave as they build up over our lives and that live on after our death. We hope this project will open up conversation about how we respond to death, engage with life as a result of death, and the spiritual and faith dialogues connected to it.

The exhibition commenced with two installed works: Matt Antoniak’s charcoal drawings and Jade Mallabone’s interactive drawing devices. The exhibition will be added to over its duration as a series of events take place. This is a slow development over the two months of the project’s duration as we think about and reflect upon these themes.

Events include a series of evening meals with discussions exploring themes of grief; drawing workshops; a floral tributes workshop; a Day of the Dead celebration; a Death Cafe; and a Traces Funeral and Wake.

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