Romey Chaffer & Carolyn Earlam: Twisted Tree & Fractured Rock

The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library
25 November 2017 - 27 January 2018
Entry cost:FREE

Romey Chaffer and Carolyn Earlam use their studies of the natural world to develop a personal response to the landscape.  Romey Chaffer is fascinated by the tangle of wild plants and the twists of trees competing for light and space. Carolyn Earlam’s work is inspired by the rocks and shores of the Outer Hebrides. For this exhibition, both artists have worked on paper on a large scale, experimenting with different approaches in a range of media.

Romey Chaffer has been painting in west Durham for many years, where the mining heritage has left a web of tracks and woodland. Her paintings and drawings reflect the energy and exuberance of nature which is reclaiming the landscape.

Carolyn Earlam’s paintings and drawings explore the space of landscape from different viewpoints, capturing the form and texture of massive rock cliffs, swooping bird’s eye views of the coastline and the intricate patterns of rockpools.

The Gallery is open during Library Opening hours contact 0191 433 8420 for further details.

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