Paddy Killer: Drawn Thread Work – Samplers & Specimens

The Customs House - Upper Fusion Gallery
18 November 2017 - 30 March 2018

Curated by Esen Kaya

Paddy Killer draws onto all sorts of materials. In this exhibition they are glass and silk. The new experimental work on glass, some of which is then fired, is a remediation of lace from the 16th, 17th &19th centuries Paddy researched in museum collections, and her grandmother’s lace collection.
The drawings on silk are life-size snippets of actual pieces of work in machine embroidery, that Paddy has produced over the last 30 years.
Originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, Paddy graduated from Birmingham Poly, then worked for haute-couture houses in London and Montreal. She set up her own studio iin 1973, returning to the UK in 1981 to live in Newcastle, where she has been ever since.

“Whilst embroidery is no longer seen as fronting the cutting edge of contemporary practice, it is still alive and re-inventing itself, and Killer is one of its leading practitioners. She is uncomfortable with the rigid categorisation of art practice, (pointing out material anomalies where in Western Art, stitched or drawn textile is considered craft, but oil painted textile (canvas) fine art), and when you consider her recent work it is easy to understand why.”
Artist, writer & lecturer Paul Scott writing about Paddy’s work in 2006.

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