Linear Referencing: Matthew Rangel

Port of Tyne Gallery at The Customs House, South Shields
10 October - 15 November 2015

Matthew is from the San Joaquin Valley of California, back-dropped by the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Framed by the graphically encoded language of maps Rangel’s work is generated primarily using lithography along with a variety of other traditional and digital printmaking methods to incorporate observation-based drawing, photography, and historic inquiry, with topographic field research. This often involves adventurous field explorations along with discussion among experts from a variety of different disciplines.

Drawing is a key element of Matthew’s practice. He didn’t see much depth to the world around him until started drawing. One of his university professors taught him that drawing is about understanding your subject rather than just copying it. As such, drawing has become a way for him to see, understand, and perceive. Drawing for him has always been an observational exercise that enables him to enquire through creative means and develop deep lasting visual connections with the forms that beckon him, challenge him, and inspire him.

With respect to his topographic projection drawings, the act of drawing these mountain forms conjures distinct and layered memories of place and also beckons for further field explorations that places him deeper within his representations. Additionally, he can construct vast expanses and contemplate natural systems through an embodied process that demands first-hand experience in the field.


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