Keith McIntyre: Moladh Elephantus

mima, Middlesborough
7 January 2015 – 31 January 2016

In Moladh Elephantus, McIntyre investigates processes of coastal erosion and our relationship to such landscapes through Hartlepool’s Elephant Rock.
For several decades, the Elephant stood guard out on the Hartlepool headland. Its distinctive presence would be immortalised by artists like J.S. Holmes and the celebrated Victorian photographer Frances Frith. Carved from millennia of coastal erosion and cliff mining, the limestone geological elephant eventually collapsed into the sea in 1891 following a ferocious storm. All that is left are its feet, a few protruding weathered stones where the gentle giant once stood.

Here, McIntyre offers a moladh or eulogy for this lost, but not forgotten, icon.

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