Brian Lewis: Homage to Hokusai – 1000 drawings

Maakan Art Gallery
Exhibition Preview: 19 January 6-8pm

A collection of drawings by Brian Lewis dedicated to Hokusai will be shown at Makaan Art Gallery, South Shields.

In 1834, when he was 74, Hokusai wrote in his journal, ‘Although I had produced numerous designs by my fiftieth year, none of the works done before my seventieth is worth keeping’. Hokusai’s most famous set of prints was 35 Views of Mount Fuji and the wonderful ‘Big Wave’ followed.

Brian read this in the late autumn of his seventy fourth year. Hokusai sometimes called himself an ‘Old Man Mad About Drawing’ and urged on by his example in December 2011 Brian decided to hone up his drawing skills and show that he too was an ‘mad about drawing’, resulting in 1000 drawings.

For further information please contact Padma Rao on email:
Address: Makaan, 126, Talbot Road, South Shields NE34 0RG

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