Drawn from Life: Ink & Stitched Drawings

The Comfrey Project, Gateshead
13 December 2017 - 31 January 2018

Over the course of three workshops, this project involved documenting the natural foliage and plants found at the centre’s garden and allotment. Using pen and ink drawing methods, members of the centre, its staff and volunteers worked with artist Esen Kaya to make ink drawings of their plant choices using renowned artist Angie Lewin’s work as inspiration and drawing guide reference. Attended by a mixed group of women, children and men, this project gave individuals the chance to explore drawing in ways they had not previously and like most activities at the centre, quickly became a lively event. The drawings will be recreated on fabric which they will then be stitched using a series of simple embroidery stitches to transform their drawings into beautiful lineal embroidered ones.

This is the first project DRAWING has developed with The Comfrey Project as part of both organisations commitment to partnership work. The Comfrey Project is an unincorporated association with a constitution and was registered as a charity in 2002.

The aim of The Comfrey Project is to provide facilities for the recreation or other leisure-time occupation of refugees and asylum seekers with the object of improving their conditions of life and general wellbeing, primarily, though not exclusively, through the provision of horticultural activities.

They aim to provide a safe, welcoming environment, which promotes personal wellbeing through a sense of place and belonging. The allotments and gardens are a place of peace and tranquility in which participants can relax and forget about some of their worries.

Gardening promotes wellbeing because it takes place outdoors; interacting with the natural world, helping and seeing things grow, with the empowerment and fulfilment that brings. Growing and sharing food is a fundamental human activity that unites us all.

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