Drawing, writing and the calligraphic line

The Design Centre, University of Sunderland
Monday 30 November to Friday 18 December 2015
This exhibition explores the relationship between drawing and writing. The work refers to the theory of ‘the calligraphic line’ as proposed by Burgert (1989). In defining the meaning of calligraphy he says, ‘The Greek words “kallos graphein” have been traditionally taken to mean “beautiful writing”.  Today, the words should mean the creation of good forms according to the principle of drawing.’
His theory works on the principle that writing, as calligraphy is essentially linear graphic forms. Arguably, in the West, the distinction between drawing and writing are often separated, where as in the Far Eastern and Arabic traditions, the two elements are sometimes indistinguishable. The exhibition will explore this distinction and then show how the notion of the ‘calligraphic line’ can be developed into artistic expressions through mark making and the written forms.
This exhibition is curated by Dr Manny Ling. Manny Ling is a designer, educator and calligrapher. He is a Senior Lecturer in Design and the programme leader for the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at the University of Sunderland. He specializes in calligraphy, lettering, typographic design, editorial design and print based media.
He has exhibited in many solo and group shows in the UK, France and Australia. His work is also showcased in many major publications. His research includes the exploration of East Asian and Western cultural influences upon calligraphy. He is also interested in the impact of digital media has upon this traditional art form.
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