Degree Minutes Seconds: Stephen Livingstone

Port of Tyne Gallery at The Customs House, South Shields
1-30 August 2015
Entry cost:FREE

This interim exhibition of drawings by Stephen Livingstone marks the half-way point of his residency funded by the Leverhulme Trust at Durham University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science. He is working with Dr. Karen Johnson with whom he shares a common interest in mined minerals and contaminated soils.

Livingstone has been working in the environmental laboratories since September 2014, in particular exploring the properties of materials such as galena (lead ore), haematite (iron ore), iron pyrites (‘fool’s gold’) and coal (carbon), grinding them into powdered pigments and using them to make drawings.

His work is concerned with the impact that human beings have upon landscapes and habitats, principally through industrial activity and mining, and he draws upon a wide range of interests in geology, geography, biology, astronomy and archaeology for his ideas.

For further information about the venue and opening times please visit the Customs House website

Photography by Phillip Wilkinson

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