The Drawing Society

The Drawing Society of the University of Sunderland is broadly open to explore any ideas you wish to organise, as students, which will help you develop your creativity. We started off with a few trips to draw horses as an extension of life drawing. Obvious extensions would be other animals at a farm, perhaps cities, or landscapes, exhibitions. We haven’t a limit, the transport is provided, but venue costs are shared. Design used the models pay to view the horses with a trainer: we could collectively or in sub groups arrange other activities!

You might wish to elect a trip or activity which you have thought of without tutors help or preconceptions. You need to join the Drawing Society then participate through the Student Union Facebook Forum. Discuss and develop ideas and then we will meet and develop them.

The reason for membership is that the University governs the supervision and responsibility for participating members. We will ask your faculty if they will pay the nominal sum of £10, otherwise students are charged £10, staff and alumni £20.


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