St. Thomas More, North Shields

The students at St Thomas More, North Shields developed their individual projects by employing drawing as a method of recording and challenging their own experiences of their lines of enquiry. The act of drawing for many students became their medium of choice, presenting them with a process that enabled them to economically express themselves visually and in an immediate way.

Within the practices that the students developed they produced outcomes which made links to other practitioners that informed and enabled them to develop their own distinct visual language. By researching the work of other artist’s students developed an imprecation of drawing as a tool that embraced a myriad of styles, techniques and a thematic exploration that defines contemporary art practice.

Students’ work embraced traditional references of landscape, still life, portraiture with elements of abstraction and realism. These themes and traditional concepts became vehicles for exploration whereby the specific deployment and reflection of uses of pencil, pen and collage combined to present us with a broad range of outcomes and defined the possibilities implicit in the act of drawing.

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