Ashington High School

The following two exercises were carried out by Pupils at Ashington High School under the teaching of Caroline Larkin.

Memory Map


To explore different techniques and approaches in making drawings. To understand the purposes of map creation.

  • Coloured papers
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Students discussed the many purposes of map creation and the creative possibilities within art. They then completed a number of conceptual approaches to making maps, one of which is outlined below:

  1. Fold a sheet of paper into four. Keep it folded.
  2. Close eyes. Think about a journey recently undertaken e.g. walking the dog; a bus journey; cycling to school. Consider the curves and bends on the journey. Were there any obstacles? Did you take a detour? Doesn’t matter how mundane the journey is!
  3. Using the chalk, draw the journey on the folded piece of paper. Top tip – don’t make the lines too thin.
  4. Cut out the chalked lines ensuring the folded edges remain folded so it hangs together when opened up. (Remember the joined up newspaper people when you were a kid?).
  5. Open up the journey and stick to another piece of paper using the glue stick.

Shifting Perspectives


To draw from direct observation using unconventional approaches Explore perspective.

  • Large sheets of clear acetate (if available!)
  • Tape – different colours, different width
  • Chinagraph pencils
  • Chalk paint pens – different colours, different widths
  • Any other media which works on acetate.
  • Masking tape

Students were asked to consider traditional approaches to drawing – how would they draw buildings and approach perspective using conventional methods. The area surrounding the art department consists of two paved courtyards outlined by curved archways and enclosed with windows.

  1. Tape acetate to window using masking tape.
  2. Choose a medium to use. Use as many as required.
  3. Begin to trace the viewpoint. This is not as easy as it first appears. Any change in the movement of the individual, immediately changes the perspective. This is the point!



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