Sue Stone

As a mainly figurative artist, drawing forms an important part of my practice, it underpins my work; as a thought process, as a means of solving problems, and as a means of expression in its own right and instead of a pen or pencil I usually use a needle and thread.

Sometimes I draw on paper before I stitch, sometimes I draw on the computer screen before I stitch, more usually I draw directly in stitch onto fabric using hand and free machine stitch as a means of mark making and all its facets: line, colour, texture, tone. As with a pencil, these marks can be drawn, removed, and redrawn building up the image until it is complete.

I apply skills which, although they have a lot in common with drawing on paper, promote stitch as worthy method of drawing in its own right. Rather than being applied to the surface, as with pencil on paper, the stitched marks have an added dimension. They move through the surface, creating layers of texture with needle, thread and fabric forming an interaction between the maker and made.

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