Gaynor Devaney

Doodling, sketching, drawing, scribbling, making a drawn design…
all of these are part of my artistic practice.

I use drawing to think and record – to work out ideas on a page or in the margin of a page. I use drawing to sharpen my observation – to look more carefully and closely at an object such as a leaf or a photograph of a fox’s face.

Sometimes I draw in a dreaming way, not to think but to feel and these times I draw with lines – a line can be gentle and wistful, it can be sudden and uplifted, it can be bold, dramatic or lyrical.

Sometimes a drawing is a fleeting thing – made in the matter of moments but then, perhaps, returned to again and again and interpreted in different media. A pencilled line can become a stitched line. A doodle made in pen can become a shape cut from fabric, or a shape pieced together with many tiny stitches.

Sometimes a drawing is a struggle, worked and reworked. Sometimes a drawing just will not work using a pencil or a pen and then I might use scissors, cutting up paper to form a collage of shapes and lines.

Mostly, for me, a drawing is not an end in itself but the precursor to a process of creating except when I am drawing with liquid wax: making a tulis batik. Tulis is the Javanese word for hand drawn batik and it means writing. Drawing, writing, making a mark, leaving a trace: drawing is so many things.

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