Erin Carr


For me the role of drawing is crucial to my practice. The genesis of most of my work began as a drawing jotted down in my sketchbook, and evolving into the mediums of sculpture, painting, drawing and video installation.

In the past I have created work based on meditative drawing which started there life as ‘doodles’ in my sketchbook. For me it’s the seemingly insignificant drawings that end up becoming the most effective, to create something from.

My sketchbooks are one of the things that I always revisit as they are filled with potential subject matter mainly brought about by my interpretation of these drawings. For me a drawing can mean something completely new when studied again at a later date, and I feel may possess elements of our own psyche like a diary made up of images.

I have been exploring the concept that memory can be stirred by even just a colour.

This new series of drawings have been created using a specific colour palette which I feel evokes an essence of the surroundings in which I grew up, in the coastal town of South Shields in the 1980’s.

The drawings vary from fragmented patterns which impart a carnival feel, to block colours focusing more on the power of the colour itself.
Each drawing has been created using pastel and crayon, a material I specifically wanted to use for this project. For me, drawing has a direct link to this same period in time as it was a favorite childhood past-time.

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