Claudia Sacher Straub


Drawing – I cannot imagine drawing using anything else other than charcoal. The material seems to have a deep connection with the images I feel the need to produce – animals, plants and humans. Even if they are abstract at times, they come from this source. They want to be drawn when it is dark; in daylight they seem to unfold and display their spine. Each line needs to have a spine; if there is no spine in my line, it is a lifeless line.

I use drawing to create huge installations where the outlines of humans, for example, are filled in with ink. I choose ink for its blackness and its resemblance to shadows.

I often destroy the ink shadow drawings by wrapping my body up in them, turning them into something else – writing, for example. A drawn line is like the first letter of a text. Ink, charcoal and words are the playground in my method of working.

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