Bethan Laker

I am a compulsive doodler.  The act of drawing seems to let my mind wander while my hand is on the page.  The ideas and stories for a new artwork often appear fully formed in my head while I’m mark making.

Every project I do starts with thinking and drawing.  Describing an object with line and examining its quirks and twists makes me think I can draw that object’s history and personality.  I know the drawing should communicate ‘a chair’ or  ‘a book’  …whatever it happens to be.  But I want the drawing to suggest the life that goes on around that object.  The book that has been well thumbed and loved, or a chair that wobbles when you sit on it. Maybe it looks like the chair granny used to have in her kitchen.  I’m drawing that particular object and its story.

I love drawing the human figure and try to embolden and exaggerate hand gestures and poses to, again, suggest story and conversation. I don’t intend to draw my family, although the stories behind them are based on personal themes.  However because I need reference material and I see them most, the men always end up looking like my husband the children are always 2 cheeky little girls.

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