Andrea Roberts


My drawings are a form of visual diary; they arise out of curiosity, a desire to find out more about a subject by close observation and by delving beyond the surface appearance.

Drawing is an attempt to explore and capture something of the unexplainable; to suggest a sense of expansive and limitless possibilities. It is a conversation with the self that extends beyond bodily boundaries, and attempts to unravel the inner sense of being.

Drawings reveal something about the artist as well as the subject. I am investigating how fragility and vulnerability can embody strength and optimism.

My pen and ink drawings of winter trees explore their sinewy shapes and shadows, renew connections with my external landscapes and make reference to traceries of time passing and allude to the branchlike internal networks of my human body.

My drawings on maps are a layering of experiences, and a making of new connections.

My stitched drawings go beneath the surface and unpick memories.

Drawings can make ideas happen. They can be explored through many different media.

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