You can draw!

As a child you drew instinctively, you picked up a crayon or a pencil and let your imagination run free. At school you were encouraged to illustrate your stories and to use drawing in everything from map drawing in geography to electrical circuits in science. So what happened?

One of the aspirations of drawing?, alongside presenting a fantastic range of art and cultural events, is to encourage everyone to start drawing.

We believe that everyone can draw and everyone can use drawing in their own unique way. Whether to help solve a problem, express an idea, explore your imagination or simply relax and have fun, why not join us and draw?

Over the next few months we will be encouraging people to draw in many ways and giving you the inspiration to do so. As well as activities in the programme for all ages, we will be running some drawing campaigns over our social media platforms. We have also developed an app which is now available here. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed and send you inspiration and motivation to get drawing once more!